This web­site was built by Feiner Services using the con­tent man­age­ment sys­tem Get­Simple CMS. The graph­i­cal user in­ter­face ("theme") is based on Boot­strap3. The port­fo­lio-type land­ing page, the con­tact form as well as the search bar in the menu have been added by Feiner Services to (hopefully) en­hance the user experience.
Further ad­di­tions to the theme Boot­strap3 are the obli­ga­tory "Cookie Mes­sage", a re­minder to en­able Java­Script in the user's browser to en­sure cor­rect func­tion­ing and us­abil­ity of the web­site, a site­map, and a "sticky" side­bar vis­i­ble in wider viewports.

In order to make the web­site us­able and search­a­ble in En­glish and Ger­man, the source code of the con­tent man­age­ment sys­tem has been mod­i­fied and a suit­a­ble search rou­tine pro­grammed, which also copes with soft hy­phens. For greater flex­i­bil­ity in doing so, the ex­ten­sion I18N has not been used.

The text you are cur­rently read­ing is writ­ten in the font called "Noto Sans" and the sym­bols ("glyphs") rep­re­sent­ing "Home", "Legal", "Search", etc., are down­loaded from the web­site IcoMoon.

The de­picted flags used as in­di­ca­tors to switch this web­site's lan­guage to En­glish or Ger­man are based on down­loaded im­ages from Wik­ipe­dia (Flag of the United Kingdom, Flag of Ger­many).
Although the En­glish vo­cab­u­lary on this web­site is strongly in­flu­enced by US-Amer­i­can En­glish, the Flag of the United King­dom is used to rep­re­sent this ver­sion of En­glish for the Word "En­glish" evokes no­tions like "James Bond" and — ex­actly! — Great Britain. The same line of rea­son­ing led to the con­clu­sion that the Ger­man Flag should rep­re­sent the Ger­man lan­guage, even though Ger­man is also the sole of­fi­cial lan­guage in Aus­tria and Liechtenstein.

When visit­ing this web­site the display lan­guage is in­ferred from your browser's lan­guage set­ting by grab­bing the first two char­ac­ters in the re­quest header your browser has sent:
If Ger­man (de) isn't de­tected, the dis­play lan­guage will be English (en).
You can switch to Ger­man by click­ing on this image Show in German in the main menu.
To eas­ily dis­play this web­site on a (sec­ond) mo­bile de­vice sim­ply scan the QR Code im­age (en­cod­ing the URL of the land­ing page) shown be­low with an ap­pro­pri­ate pro­gram on your smart­phone or tablet.

"QR Code" is a reg­is­tered trade­mark of DENSO WAVE INC.

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