Device Development

By now I have been con­ceiv­ing and build­ing de­vices for more than 30 years: as a stu­dent, as an em­ployee at dif­fer­ent com­pa­nies and, of course, under the name of Feiner Services.
My ex­pe­ri­ence gained in this way ranges from basic re­search to proof-of-con­cept studies to close-to-pro­duc­tion pro­to­types and can be of value to you if you re­quire an ap­pli­ance to achieve a spe­cific functionality.

When de­vel­op­ing a de­vice to your spec­i­fi­ca­tions, Feiner Services will take the most prag­matic ap­proach possible to help you achieve your goals as well as pay close at­ten­tion to your re­quests and feed­backs.

As a matter of course you will also re­ceive de­tailed documentation.

Quartz Thermometer

Con­trol Elec­tronics

Aerosol Sensors

Raman Shifter

Birthing Simulator

Brain Simulator

Lock-In Amplifiers

Hyper-Rayleigh Detector

Corona-Poling Apparatus

Boxcar Averager

Maker-Fringes Set-Up

Ultra­sonic Blood Flow Meter

Active Vibration Damping

High-Tem­per­ature Hygrometer

Signal Con­di­tion­ing Circuits

Nanometer-Range Dis­tance Meter

Nanonewton-Range Force Gauge

Ultra­sonic Medi­cal Nebulizer

Medical Neb­u­lizer Test Rig

Micrometer-Range Ma­te­rial Thickness Meter

Retro­fit­table Level Mea­sure­ment System

Kilowatt-Range Wire­less En­ergy Trans­fer System

Class-E Power Amplifier (3 Kilowatts)

Implantable Highly Effi­cient Rectifier

Wire­less Trans­cu­ta­ne­ous En­ergy Trans­fer System (30 Watts)

Precision Level Mea­sure­ment Device for Os­cil­lat­ing Liquid Columns

Handheld De­tec­tor for Mea­sur­ing Ra­dio­ac­tive Sur­face Con­tam­i­nation

Millimeter-to-Nano­meter-Range Linear Stage (Mag­netic Piezo Crawler)