Whether a pro­gram's user inter­face, a web­site, a tech­ni­cal de­scrip­tion or a sci­en­tific study: Feiner Services will trans­late these texts into Ger­man for you.

I also pro­vide sci­en­tific proof­read­ing, help­ing you to avoid awk­ward mis­takes like the Silicon-Silikon gaffe in the Ger­man ver­sion ("Im An­ge­sicht des Todes") of the James-Bond movie "A View to a Kill".

I am a na­tive Ger­man-speak­ing phys­i­cist with ex­pe­ri­ence in many tech­ni­cal fields and a firm grasp of English.
To assess the style of my trans­la­tions, you can just have a look at the Ger­man ver­sion of my web­site by click­ing on this image Show in German in the main menu.

Dr Feiner pos­sesses an ex­cel­lent 'feel' for Eng­lish and is able to con­verse flu­ently and accu­rately on any given theme, not only in his spe­cific pro­fes­sional field. He is a con­fi­dent speaker who makes very few errors in his spoken Eng­lish. He is able to draw upon an ex­cel­lent range of vo­cab­u­lary and idio­matic ex­pres­sions and, as a will­ing learner, was a pleas­ure to work with.

Dr Feiner's cur­rent level of Eng­lish is such that he is able to cope with ease with any Eng­lish lan­guage re­quire­ments in a pro­fes­sional capacity.

David Brown

Director — RLC Corporate Language Services